Monday, June 17, 2013

Weekly Newspaper Column

Our legislative session has been over for three weeks, but my schedule hasn't slowed down one bit. As so many families continue to piece together their homes and lives after the devastation of the deadly tornadoes, I have been busy directing resources and helping in any way possible. Being on the ground and helping has opened my eyes to so many things and taught me many lessons. I know the greatness of Oklahomans in a new way now; Neighbor helping neighbor, friend helping friend, stranger helping stranger. I could not be prouder of my State. In the face of adversity we have shone through brighter than before.

We now start to turn our attention to the long term. In my position as a state elected official I have begun to ask the question, “Where can I help?” I am a firm believer in limited and effective government but also understand that from this tragedy may arise needs that can’t be met by the private sector. Never should a government step in to give a handout, but there are needs that must be addressed. After coming through this tragedy we are wiser and more seasoned than before. I have at times, personally seen the struggles and ineffectiveness of the federal, state, and county government. These issues must be addressed. Allowing our churches and relief organizations to work to their full potential is imperative. The difficulties of communication, leadership, and cooperation have been highlighted throughout this process. These issues must be addressed. We must find a way for leadership to be established and be effective so that our relief efforts are pointed, concise, and effective.

I cannot say enough for our county and municipal leaders as they have worked through these struggles, built upon their successes, and learned from mistakes. We should all be proud of them. In the coming weeks and months we will all be getting together to discuss more effective methods and even better solutions to lessons we have learned over the past several weeks. Your input is invaluable to us. Please voice your opinions and thoughts on ways that efforts can or could have been improved. Hopefully if this happens again (God forbid), we will be ready and equipped in new and improved ways. If I can ever be of assistance to you please call my office at: 405-557-7349. You can also follow me on my Facebook: Representative Josh Cockroft, on Twitter:  @VoteCockroft27, and on my