Dear Friends,

The halls of the State Capitol are almost empty now, but the problems facing Oklahoma continue to be critical. That’s why I am working daily to represent your views and values at the State Capitol and in the communities which comprise District 27.
Oklahoma needs strong, experienced, and trustworthy leadership if we are to continue to move our state in a positive direction. I am honored to serve on the House leadership team as Assistant Majority Whip and together we are committed to ensure the needed reforms in state government become a reality. I am also pleased to serve as Vice-Chair of the Natural Resources and Regulatory Services Sub-Committee.

If I am to be prepared for the election next summer, I will need the continued support from my family, friends, business associates, and others who simply believe in electing good people to office in Oklahoma. I have been blessed by the tremendous support I received in my first two elections. As the 2014 election approaches, I need your support, too.

Unfortunately, a fact of political life is that a legislative race is very expensive nowadays. To be effective in getting my message out to all of the voters in my district in the coming months, it is critical that I raise a good portion of my campaign budget as early as possible in order to maximize the efficiency of our outreach.

I do not make this request lightly, but as a fiscal conservative I believe it is important to have proper resources to conduct a successful reelection campaign. I would greatly appreciate your immediate consideration of this request.

If you would like to visit in person or by phone, please call me on my cell: (405)788-9160.

I promise to continue to be a voice for common-sense conservatism in the State House of Representatives, and to fight for free-market policies and a limited and efficient government. Thank you for your personal consideration of this request. I am excited to continue working on behalf of the people of District 27 and believe our best days are ahead.

Josh Cockroft
State Representative, District 27
Assistant Majority Whip 

Send your checks, along with this form required by Oklahoma law to:
Friends of Josh Cockroft
P.O. Box 281
Tecumseh, OK 74873

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