Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cockroft Describes First Days Of Session

    Dist. 27 Rep. Josh Cockroft reported late Tuesday that the first two days of the Oklahoma Legislature were interesting and exciting.
    Calling The Countywide & Sun on his way home to Tecumseh from the Capitol, Cockroft said he was “very encouraged” by Gov. Mary Fallin’s State of the State address Monday, “especially from the standpoint of the economy and looking ahead to this next year. We have to have responsible government. I believe we can do it.
    “When you hear your governor talking about cuts across the board – well, I was very pleased to hear everything. Especially near and dear to my heart was her plan for reducing and eventually cutting the income tax.” Cockroft is sponsoring a bill on that issue and said he is “excited to be working with her (Fallin) on it.”
Cockroft, who grew up in the McLoud area, moved to Tecumseh after his marriage last month.
    For more on Cockroft’s impression of the first two days of the legislative session, see this week’s print edition of The Countywide & Sun.

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