Monday, January 30, 2012

Outline of 2012 Legislation

Since I first ran for office, I have fought to bring accessibility and accountability to this office. I believe the best way I can serve my constituents it to keep you updated and well-informed on legislative issues.
As part of that effort, this column discusses each bill I filed this year. I realize that we won’t all agree on every issue, but I believe as we work through each issue we can find solutions that benefit everyone. The most enjoyable part of my job is talking with you and addressing your concerns while working towards a common goal: making Oklahoma better.
The bills I have filed for the 2012 legislative session are as follows:
  • HB3038 implements a 10-year phase-out of Oklahoma’s personal income tax.
  • HB1544 changes all school board election dates to a regular November election cycle and institutes a uniform four-year term for all board members.
  • HB2379 creates a one-stop initiative website for all Open Records requests.
  • HB2380 allows correctional officers with the Office of Juvenile Affairs to be served the same meals served to the youth within the institution at no charge to the officer.
  • HB2381 requires physicians to be present when prescribing, dispensing, or otherwise providing the drug mifeprestone(RU-486) and prohibits “Webcam abortions.”
  • HB2382 modifies the Ambulance Service District Act to reduce red tape and decrease percentage needed for petition to create a district.
  • HB2383 allows firearm training and qualification course providers to determine course fee, and provides instructors immunity from frivolous lawsuits.
  • HB2384 modifies the manner in which handguns may be transported on certain public properties.
  • HB2385 creates the “Emergency Medical Service Survival Act” and permits the Trauma Care Assistance Fund to be used for establishing the Rural Emergency Medical Technical and Paramedic Scholarship Program.
  • HB2437 strengthens the Sex Offender “Zone of Safety” that bans rapists from living near schools (requested by members of the Pottawatomie County Sheriffs Department).
  • HB2438 designates the portion of State Highway 39  between Asher and Konowa as the “Deputy Mike Roberts and Tim Lowery Memorial Highway” to honor the lives of these men who gave our community so much.
  • HB2439 creates the “Volunteer Firefighter Protection Act” to prohibit public and private employers from firing a worker who is late or absent due to a first-responder call.
            To see the complete language of each bill, visit my blog at To view all legislation filed in the House and Senate, visit: Realize that all legislation constantly undergoes changes and some will change dramatically before their final form is voted on. 
I look forward to visiting with you and hearing your suggestions, questions, and concerns. Once again, I am always available. If I can help you in any way, please call my office at 405-557-7349 or email me at: Also follow me on Facebook: "Friends of Cockroft for OK State House", and on Twitter: @VoteCockroft27. 

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