Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Derby Bill Passes Oklahoma House Legislation Would Target Criminals, Protect Law-Abiding Consumers

State Rep. David Derby’s House Bill 2941 has passed the Oklahoma House of Representatives by a vote of 82-5.
The legislation tackles methamphetamine production in Oklahoma by targeting meth criminals while protecting law-abiding consumers’ access to safe and effective medicines containing pseudoephedrine (PSE) such as Advil Cold & Sinus and Mucinex D.
            “The Oklahoma House took an important step that will allow our pharmacists and law enforcement officials to gain the upper hand in the fight against meth production,” said Derby, R-Owasso. “Meth is a horrendous drug that takes lives and ruins families, and I’m proud that we have found a way to address our meth problem in a manner that respects the basic rights of law-abiding Oklahomans.
            “Our bill—which now heads to the Senate—enhances Oklahoma’s real-time electronic blocking system and ensure it is online with the 19 other states that use real-time, stop-sale technology to block unlawful PSE sales,” Derby continued. “This technology will empower pharmacists by enabling them to deny illegal purchases right at the sales counter.
            “This legislation will also provide law enforcement with valuable criminal data up to the second.  Our bills also strengthen Oklahoma’s meth offender registry and reduce the PSE purchasing limit from 9 grams to 7.2 grams per month and virtually cuts in half the annual limit from 108 grams to 60 grams.
            “House passage of HB 2941 is a victory in the battle against meth and a victory for responsible Oklahoma workers and families.”

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