Monday, February 11, 2013

Moore Seeks Attorney General’s Opinion

OKLAHOMA CITY - The Chairman of the House of Representatives’ States’ Right Committee, Rep. Lewis Moore has transmitted a request for an opinion from the state Attorney General regarding the legislature’s ability to prevent enforcement of federal laws deemed unconstitutional.

“During the past few years, our constituencies have flooded us with correspondence expressing fear, helplessness and concern regarding the ever more aggressive encroachment of federal laws, regulation and rules,” Moore, R-Arcadia, explained. “They desperately want state officials to stand up and put an end to the overreach.”

Moore asked the Attorney General to provide instruction regarding various assertions that state government has the ability to nullify federal laws, rules and regulations that the state deems in excess of existing constitutional provision.

The Legislature is expected to take up several states’ rights pieces of legislation during the upcoming session including several measures designed to counteract recent federal actions. Moore believes the Attorney General’s opinion could provide needed direction to policymakers as his committee considers the measures over the next two years.

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