Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Governor Signs Home Bakery Act

OKLAHOMA CITY – Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin signed into law Monday a bill that would allow home bakeries to operate without a food preparation license.

Home food establishments would be defined as businesses that earn less than $20,000 a year and produces baked goods for sale that do not contain meat or fresh fruit, under the House Bill 1094, which is entitled the Home Bakery Act of 2013.

The bill’s author, state Rep. Dustin Roberts, said he was grateful for the governor’s support.

“This legislation is really a nonpartisan bill that originated with a petition by Oklahomans,” said Roberts, R-Durant. “Small home baking operations do not need to follow the same rigorous standards as commercial kitchens and other food establishments that serve foods that might be highly harmful to the public. The legislation specifically requires the businesses that qualify for the exemption to avoid products that contain meat or fruit that could go bad and potentially be a health hazard. I think it is a great way to support small businesses in Oklahoma.”

House lawmakers approved the legislation unanimously in March. Senate lawmakers voted in favor of the bill 38-6.

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