Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Oklahoma House Sends Pay-As-You-Go Infrastructure Plan to Governor’s Desk

OKLAHOMA CITY – Today, the Oklahoma House of Representatives approved Senate amendments and gave final passage of House Speaker T.W. Shannon’s Pay-As-You-Go Infrastructure Plan.
“Oklahoma has neglected its infrastructure needs for too long,” said Speaker Shannon, R-Lawton. “Now, Oklahoma has a method to repair and maintain the people’s structures, like our crumbling state Capitol and other projects, without incurring unnecessary bond debt. We have a responsibility as legislators to be good stewards without borrowing against our children’s future.” 
House Bill 1910 creates a pay-as-you-go infrastructure plan and reforms the Long-Range Capital Planning Commission (LRCPC), which will first address the repair of the state Capitol and later develop an 8-year plan to address the state’s other maintenance issues. The LRCPC will take the lead in directing the Office of Management and Enterprise Services to liquidate underused assets identified by the Omnibus Asset Consolidation Act and will prioritize what projects proceeds will go toward.

HB 1910 will now go to the desk of Governor Fallin to be signed into law.

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