Monday, August 26, 2013

Some Oklahoma lawmakers plan to press for a repeal of Common Core

OKLAHOMA CITY – Oklahoma’s next regularly scheduled legislative session isn't for another six months, but some state lawmakers are already making it clear that modifying or repealing Common Core will be a high priority when they meet in February.
Oklahoma schools have been gradually implementing the new math and English learning standards for the past three years, and expect them to take full effect beginning with the 2014-15 school year, reports Oklahoma Watch.
But several influential Oklahoma legislators believe there’s still time to stop Common Core from taking root in the Sooner State.
Republican state Rep. Gus Blackwell, who chairs two House committees that are examining Common Core’s impact on the state’s public schools, told Oklahoma Watch he plans to offer legislation that will modify the nationalized learning standards, based on what the committees find.
“Oklahoma educators, Oklahoma legislators, we will make these decisions,” Blackwell said.
State Rep. Jason Nelson, also a Republican, said he “definitely” plans to offer legislation that repeals Common Core outright.
“Let’s set even higher standards to where you don’t need Common Core,” Nelson told the news site.
While all these legislative remedies will have to wait until Feb. 3, 2014 before being considered, Oklahoma’s state education officials are visiting school districts to help them prepare for the switch to Common Core.
It’s unclear if opponents have enough support in the legislature to force a repeal of Common Core and to overcome a likely veto from Gov. Mary Fallin, who’s outspoken in her support of the new learning guidelines.
But Common Core opponents celebrated a significant victory last month when State Superintendent Janet Barresi announced Oklahoma was dropping out of a Common Core-testing consortium over concerns about the cost of the tests, the amount of time they’d take to administer, and the lack of technological readiness in schools throughout the state.
“Barresi said the state will work with a company to develop its own new (Common Core-aligned) standardized tests for 2014-15,” reports Oklahoma Watch.

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  1. Good! Common core needs to be ended entirely and replaced with nothing. Common core eliminates competition which is what we need, not the standards set to the lowest denominator. Higher standards like Representative Nelson said. Just think of the money we would save. I'm all for that, who isn't?