Thursday, February 6, 2014

Rep. Cockroft's Response to Gov. Fallin's State of the State Address

Gov. Mary Fallin gave the State of the State address to kick off the 2014 legislative session on Monday. I was pleased to hear the governor emphasize the important of CareerTech to our state, but not pleased to hear her call for the further implementation of Common Core standards. In my view, local control is always best and the price tag that will come with the standards will bankrupt our state.

On the other hand, I was pleased that she has a plan to help school districts provide local funding for storm shelters without committing the state to further expenses. I am against issuing bonds, which is what we would have needed to do to fund school shelters through the state. Once again, the priorities of a school should be decided on a local level.

Despite the naysayers out there, our economy is growing and our conservative policies are working. As the governor noted, unemployment numbers are down and incomes have risen. We still must continue along the path to create greater economic prosperity. Our goal should always be for greater freedom, not more government dependency.

The governor also presented her executive budget. I was pleased that it provided for an increase in funding to schools and to corrections while making targeted cuts to other agencies. I think if we went further in our cuts in unnecessary spending, we could do even more to improve our schools and provide pay raises to our teachers and other state workers.

I agree with the governor that a tax cut is the right thing. Tax reduction works. However, we must do it responsibly without pulling the rug out from under our schools and local communities. I also support her thrust to continue to reject any expansion to Medicaid and other elements of the implementation of ObamaCare.

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  1. Please elaborate and support the statement concerning "...a tax cut is the right thing. Tax reduction works." Mr. Cockroft, a simple review of the various tax scenarios in which many low to middle class Oklahomans fall will see little to no "tax relief". In many cases, the cut will result in essentially less than $10 per month going back into the pockets of your typical Oklahoman....including the constituents in Pott. County. This is a fact, and is not swayed by political ideology. Please let the people of Pott. County know how much they PERSONALLY will benefit from such tax cut, in relation to the reduced revenue for state core services. I am certain that adequate funding for schools, roads, corrections, and other core services is far more important than what equates to a "Big Mac" in their pocket each month. Also, the people of Pott. County deserve to know how much of this type of legislation comes from model bills formulated by political/corporate interests such as ALEC, rather than decisions made by Oklahomans for Oklahomans.

    Our political leaders are all for "transparency", yet, fail to address or disclose how much of their draft bills are simply regurgitation of "model bills" created by outside interests.

    Thank you.