Thursday, March 13, 2014

Rep. Cockroft Praises Vote on Bill to Reject Common Core Standards

OKLAHOMA CITY – State Rep. Josh Cockroft today praised the vote by the Oklahoma House of Representatives to reverse a law requiring the implementation of Common Core standards.


“There are too many questions about the national education standards and what they mean,” said Cockroft, R-Wanette, a co-author of the bill. “House lawmakers decided the better course was to allow state higher education institutions to develop local standards and give schools flexibility in how they meet those standards.


“I have heard loud and clear from many of the teachers in my district with concerns on what implementation of Common Core will do to our education system in Oklahoma. Our teachers demand high standards, but with local control; not federal intrusion. Our teachers know what is best for our students. Not the federal government. Not state overreach through less local control. I am proud to stand with my teachers on this vote.”


House Bill 3399 calls for the state of Oklahoma to opt for Option B under No Child Left Behind. Option B allows states to create elementary and secondary school standards that are certified by state higher education institutions to be college and career ready.


If signed into law, HB 3399 would order the State Board of Education to adopt education standards that are college and career ready by August 1, 2016. By adopting Option B of No Child Left Behind, the State Board will maintain independence from any national or state compact standards, and school districts will control the learning materials and curriculum adopted to meet the new set of standards.


The legislation cedes exclusive authority to schools districts on the curriculum they develop to meet state standards.


The legislation was approved by a 78-12 vote and will now proceed to the Oklahoma Senate for consideration.




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