Thursday, March 8, 2012

House Supports Veteran Residential Care

Members of the Oklahoma House of Representatives voted today to provide elderly Oklahoma veterans a greater range of health-care choices.
            House Bill 2207, by state Rep. John Bennett, adds medical foster homes approved by the federal Veteran’s Administration to the definition of a “residential care home” and exempts them from certain state requirements.
            “Residential home care allows a veteran to remain in his home and preserve some level of independence,” said Bennett, a Marine who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. “I am proud that this measure received such overwhelming support.”
            A medical foster home is a non-institutional alternative to a nursing home where a veteran is matched with a caregiver in the local community.  Care is provided in the caregiver’s home to 24 hours a day. Medical foster homes are inspected and approved by the federal Department of Veteran’s Affairs.
            House Bill 2207 passed the Oklahoma House of Representatives on an 88-0 vote. It now proceeds to the state Senate.
            “Our veterans and their families have sacrificed so much on our behalf,” Bennett said. “They deserve to be taken care of as they reach their golden years in a way that preserves their dignity.”


  1. Fantastic job with this measure! Oklahoma should lead the way in remembering our veterans and providing them every opportunity to access medical care.

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