Thursday, February 21, 2013

Committee Approves Oklahoma Firearms Freedom Act

OKLAHOMA CITY – The Oklahoma Firearms Freedom Act was approved unanimously Wednesday by the House Public Safety Committee.

House Bill 2021 would exempt guns or ammunition made in the state from federal regulations, but specifies that to qualify for the exemption the guns must be clearly marked as “Made in Oklahoma” and kept within state boundaries.

“This is a very popular idea amongst my constituents in District 27,” said Rep. Josh Cockroft, a principal author of the measure. “For too long now, the federal government has been taking more and more control of different areas – things they shouldn’t be getting into. The Second Amendment is a basic right for all Americans and extremely important to Oklahomans. The federal government should not interfere with that amendment or how a state wants to administer that right within its boundaries.”

Legislation such as this makes Oklahoma a great relocation option for gun companies in states with more restrictive gun laws. For example, the Democrat-controlled legislature in Colorado has passed restrictive gun measures that cripple companies that operate in the state. Several House members have sent a copy of this measure and a letter to MagPul Industries in Boulder, Colo., informing them of the friendlier operational environment here in Oklahoma. A potential move of a company such as this to the state could be an economic plus and bring hundreds of new jobs to Oklahoma.

“Here in Oklahoma, we believe in the Second Amendment and the position of the National Rifle Association,” said Cockroft-R, Tecumseh. “While it is unfortunate other states do not see the positives of this, it will be a positive for us, as our common-sense approach to big issues will be an attraction for companies that might be looking to get away from onerous, unneeded gun restrictions.”

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