Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Speaker T.W. Shannon’s Welfare Reform Bill Passes Committee

OKLAHOMA CITY – Today, the Human Services Committee overwhelmingly passed one of Oklahoma House Speaker T.W. Shannon’s major initiatives to reform social programs. 

House Bill 1909 will require able-bodied recipients ages 18 to 50, who are not disabled or raising a child, to perform at least 35 hours of work activities to receive food stamps.  Those activities include job seeking and career training, volunteer work and or education directly related to employment opportunities.

“The best social program is a hardworking, good paying job,” said Speaker Shannon, R-Lawton.  “We can break the cycle of poverty by getting rid of incentives that encourage people to stay unemployed and instead direct them down the path of opportunity.  If we reduce the number of people on government subsidies, social programs can be better directed towards those who truly need the assistance.”

HB 1909 will now move on to House Calendar Committee. 

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